It's Nicholai, FYI

Im a javascriptuh, laptop on my dressuh
Check out some dank links, cuz I know they might impress yuh

My heroes:


Javascript from the Future

Reanna's code introduced me to the most cutting-edge javascript I had ever seen. At the time, she was the first to introduce me to react and babel. This is contrasted by her fundamental skills, which make even the smallest code snippet inspiring to look at. Looking through the code she has made, I feel inspired to not be afraid to implement new technologies, and (of course) to write very, very pretty code.


The Best in Open-Source Community

Yosh runs and I think it is one of the best examples of a pet project gracefully maturing into a robust github organization. Yosh was able to do this while keeping Choo eloquent and loyal to the original vision of the project. To this day, Choo's long history of quality architectural decisions showcase the best in project management.


The best hammmer for a carpenter is the one he builds himself

Shougo makes the best Vim plugins on the planet, period. Using his Vim plugins is a masterclass on how perfect tools for programmers should work and feel. Furthermore, his tools have displaced previous stalwarts that seemed unbreakable, like Vundle and YouCompleteMe


Follow your dreams, even if they are really big

Leafo runs and has the munumental task of trying to compete with Steam. Starting as a personal project, Leafo built itch using his own web framework and even his own programming languages. Add onto that his endearing altruism and itch becomes a project that I feel pride supporting.